This cookbook presents an approach to manage your filelist in such a way to make your dotfiles management convenient and well-organized. There is obviously many other ways to manage your filelist but this is my personal favourite as it makes it easy to add or remove a group of dotfiles for a host and it still provides a lot of flexibility.

The main idea is to define groups that match your hostnames and choose categories that groups similar dotfiles (for example a “vim” or “tmux” category).

An example filelist that follows this approach would look something like this:

# group names matches the hosts you manage

# vim category

# tmux category

# x category

# tools category

# these files are managed manually per-host

This way you can easily add or remove a group of dotfiles for a host by simply editing their group. And since the group name matches your hostname you don’t need to manually specify any categories when running dotgit commands (have a look at the Usage section to see why).